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Last week Julie paid a visit to the Toronto Music Garden with her parents and reported that it is the perfect time of year to see this garden, when the grasses and many of the perennials are at their most spectacular.

The Toronto Music Garden, inspired by Bach’s First Suite for Unaccompanied Cello, was designed by Julie Moir Messervy in collaboration with Yo-Yo Ma. Photo of the garden in late August by Jennifer Connell.

A few days later confirmation appeared in the shape of a gorgeous post on the Three Dogs in a Garden blog. Blogger and gifted photographer Jennifer Connell wrote a post entitled “Late Bloomers at the Toronto Music Garden” with lovely images of the structure of the garden and beautiful details of late-blooming perennials and winged visitors.


Photos of the Toronto Music Garden by Jennifer Connell from the Three Dogs in a Garden blog.

We are grateful for the chance to share these images with our readers and fans of the Music Garden. Be sure to bookmark Jennifer’s wonderful blog, and check out her photos of her own garden, about which she notes (delightfully), “There is not a single blade of grass in our front yard.”


Jennifer Connell’s front yard. Nope, not a blade of grass there. Photo: Jennifer Connell, Three Dogs in a Garden.

Enjoy Jennifer’s photos, and have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!


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