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Hi, everyone! We intended to post our Pinterest contest results on August 24, but at 1:50 p.m. on Friday afternoon, our entire region lost Internet service until late into the night. (Since we’re in Vermont, we surmise that a moose blundered into a cable somewhere, but it was probably really nothing so picturesque.) In any case, we apologize for the delay.

Now, without further ado…

Our “Creating Home Outside” Pinterest Contest Winners!


When we dreamed up our Creating Home Outside Pinterest contest, we had no idea that selecting the winners would be so difficult! After a great deal of time with our entire studio gathered around ooh-ing and ahh-ing at your boards, we were hard-pressed to make our final decisions…and in fact, we were unable to narrow down our choices to a clear 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

So, we are giving away more prizes!

For the Grand Prize (a Home Outside landscape design makeover), we selected two winners. It was absolutely impossible to choose between Andrea Bellamy‘s practical-yet-romantic urban homestead, with its dreamy color palette and simple rustic aesthetic, and Crystal Ponti‘s fantastical neo-classical dreamscape, replete with mythological allusions and lush plantings. We want to design both of these landscapes!


Images from Andrea Bellamy’s Creating Home Outside Pinterest Board


Images from Crystal Ponti’s Creating Home Outside Pinterest Board


For 2nd prize (our Curb Appeal service), again, we could not decide between two vastly different but equally worthy boards:

2nd Prize winner Lisa-Ann Sugimoto chose elegant vistas, voluptuous curves, and overscale and  textural focal points.


Our other 2nd prize winner, Clara A. Curtis, submitted a board inspired by a favorite children’s book, with a cohesive vision that extends to many delicate details.

And a very close 3rd place (the Home Outside book and Palette landscape design app for iPhone and iPad) goes to the delightful world imagined by Taylor Lies, who created a family paradise full of activities and simple pleasures.

Images from 3rd place winner Taylor Lies’ Pinterest board

Thanks to all of you for participating and making this contest so enjoyable! We love seeing your ideas and the images that inspire you. We’d like to thank participants by offering you a 10% discount on our Home Outside or Curb Appeal service. We had so much fun doing this, we’ll certainly be doing it again in the future.

If you have an idea for a great contest theme, please share it with us on Facebook.

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  • Douglas says:

    This has been a fantastic idea – I never expected so many people and such a range of cool images. Nice work everybody (even if I didn’t win, place, receive honorable mention, or in fact, participate) Okay, now that I know the cool people do it, I will next time. And, I think I saw the moose – if it’s any consolation. I think it was disappointed not to have won and was simply exercising its non-violent act of civil disobedience.

  • Doc Rocket says:

    Your selections are clearly the best and spectacular!

    The Home Outside or the Curb Appeal services are a great bargain and a real innovation in service. Will you please make a series of blogs on the details as your creativity with the winners unfolds?

    If the ultimate point of many of life’s trips is the jouney getting there, I am experiencing the blessing of being able to participate in this wonderful Home Outside party. Mazel Tov!!!

  • Thanks again! I am so thrilled to be creating my home outside!


  • So excited to see what your team comes up with for my space! Thanks again for selecting me as one of the winners, and congrats to everyone who won!