By Jennifer Silver, JMMDS

Last week we shared some of our book recommendations for holiday gift ideas. This week, full of holiday spirit and also in the spirit of shameless self-promotion, we’d like to suggest giving the gift of landscape design. How does one do that, you inquire? Read on…

Collecting ideas and inspiration for a gorgeous garden: the perfect antidote to the winter blues! Photo: Randy O’Rourke.

Creating places of beauty and meaning for our clients is our mission here at JMMDS. Here are two ways you can give a lasting gift to someone special.

Home Outside Design (HOD)

We’ve blogged before about HOD, our online design service, which puts beautiful landscaping within reach for every homeowner.

Drawings by Bethany Gracia

HOD makes a wonderful gift for newlyweds, new homeowners, the newly retired—or anyone with an outdoor space to transform! Starting at $500 for 5,000 square feet (an eighth of an acre), this service lets homeowners submit measurements and photos of their property, as well as information about their personal aesthetic preferences and hopes for how to use the space.

JMMDS designers will incorporate clients’ preferences into two beautiful designs from which the homeowners can choose (or combine their favorite elements of each). The homeowners can then partner with JMMDS to create the finished landscape, hire a local contractor, or do the work themselves, all in their own timeframe.

It is possible to customize HOD with a day-long onsite consultation. And of course we also have the full-service design that we have always offered.

To learn more about HOD, go here or email us at

Gift Certificates

As a special offer to our blog readers for the month of December, we are offering gift certificates in the amount of $150 for a telephone or online design consultation. Please contact us at for more information.