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Home Outside Palette landscape design app & contest

We are thrilled to announce the release of our improved Home Outside Palette 3.0 landscape design app, which is now available and FREE for iOS and Android tablets and smartphones!

With the Home Outside online design service and Home Outside Palette app, we’re democratizing landscape design and making good design help available to anyone, anywhere.



The new Layers feature lets you organize your design in layers that can be made visible or invisible.



We’ve been listening to users’ comments and suggestions! Here are some of the features we’ve added in the latest version:

  • undo and redo
  • layers that can be turned off and on
  • optimization for iPad and tablets
  • improved grouping and ungrouping
  • new background colors and graph paper background
  • the ability to import a photo as a background
  • Facebook sharing
  • updated palettes with additional and redrawn elements



This design was created using the sketch tool and new elements from the Specialty Elements & Tools in-app purchase package.



With Palette 3.0, we created the app that we as designers wanted. We’re especially excited about the new Specialty Elements & Tools Package available as an in-app purchase ($9.99). These  features make our app unique and useful for homeowners and design professionals alike. The package includes:

  • Drawing tools: An adjustable-sized sketch tool and eraser let you draw garden beds and other free-form shapes in your landscape.
  • Measuring Tools: The Measuring Tool uses GPS technology to allow you to “walk and click” the proportions of a rectangular outdoor space. If GPS signals are weak in user’s location, the app allows you to input measurements to create rectangular spaces.
  • Five additional palettes of 84 brand-new elements (Shrubs, Perennials, Grasses, Containers, and Lighting)



To celebrate the release, we are hosting an Ugly Garden Contest to find the worst yard out there and help to transform it into a beautiful garden! Please visit our Home Outside blog for contest rules and details.

We need good reviews and ratings! If you don’t have our app already, please download it today, try it, and post a good review for us in the iTunes or Google Play app store.

And please send us your designs! We can’t wait to see what you create. You can also use our Ask an Expert feature to request design suggestions from the JMMDS design team. Why wait? Get the Home Outside you’ve been dreaming of!