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Rain Garden, from Landscaping Ideas That Work by JMMDS. Design and photo by Melissa Clark.

Landscape designer Melissa Clark transformed a perpetually soggy front yard into this lush rain garden, one of the case studies in Landscaping Ideas That Work by Julie Moir Messervy (Taunton Press, 2013), p. 141. Photo: Melissa Clark, APLD.

We’re thrilled to announce that Julie’s latest book, Landscaping Ideas That Work, is now available online at the Taunton Store and will be in book stores and home improvement stores in January. Rather than explaining design theory, this book deals with the nuts and bolts of creating beautiful, functional outdoor spaces, with a host of visual ideas as well as design tips, before and after images, case studies, and essential information for homeowners. It’s packed with exciting and inspirational designs such as the project pictured above.

See the book for lots more inspiration and ideas that work! It’s a perfect holiday gift for homeowners (with or without green thumbs).

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