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Letter to a Robin – Bringing Home Outside

By May 8, 20092 Comments

by Julie Moir Messervy

I was in the office of a colleague recently and noticed a handwritten letter on her bulletin board that nearly brought me to tears. It’s a note from her daughter, seven-year-old Charlotte, to a robin, reminding us of the meaning — and magic — of nature in our lives.


Our thanks to Charlotte’s mother for letting us share this wonderful letter, with its enthusiastic words! And thank you Charlotte, for opening our eyes to some of the special beauties of spring.


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  • Wow what an innocent letter, out of the mouth of babe, she is a beautiful little girl, hope you enjoy the summer and all that it brings, I will be wrapping up for the next couple of months as we go into winter.

  • Frederick J. Perez says:

    Wow! It just reminds me of how we all need to humble ourselves and see Gods creation as little children;( the wonder of it all).