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Palette Earle

A user of the Home Outside Palette landscape design app sent us the incredible design above, with the simple title “Aquaculture.” Julie set out to revise the design as requested, but aside from adding a few elements to balance the plan (as shown below), how could it possibly be improved upon? What a beautiful and imaginative creation!

Palette landscape design app by JMMDS

This user clearly mastered the grouping function that allows users to lock elements together, but some users have reported having difficulty with this feature. Exciting news: we will soon be rolling out an update that adds new capabilities and improves existing functions of the app, including the locking feature. Even better news: the Home Outside Palette app will be available for other smartphones, tablets, and desktop. Tell your friends who don’t have iPhones—the wait will soon be over!

Designs created using the Home Outside Palette app.