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Profile of an Artist: Vermont Stone Waller and Master Craftsman Dan Snow

By June 16, 2010September 22nd, 2011No Comments
By Julie Moir Messervy

Get to know master craftsman Dan Snow and some of his unique stone creations. And be sure to join us for the 2010 Vermont Stone Workshop with Dan and Julie, July 22-25. Space is still available–sign up now and receive $100 off tuition!

Dan Snow’s snaking pathway and stone sphere with a hollow core. Photos: Peter Mauss.

Four years ago, Dan Snow collaborated with me on our first Vermont Stone Workshop. With 25 women and men aged 20 years old to 70, and from as far away as Seattle and Atlanta, the group learned walling techniques from Dan and his crew, Japanese stone setting principles and methods from me, and left behind a range of unique stone creations on our land. This July 22 through 25, we’re holding our second Stone Workshop and hope that you’ll be able to come. (Keep reading to get our discounted rate for JMMDS blog readers and their friends!)

Dan Snow’s stone light-well covers set amidst lush vegetation. Photo: Peter Mauss.

Our plan this year is to give participants a chance to work full-scale on the projects they undertake. Under the tutelage of Dan and his two assistants, Chuck Eblacker of Eblacker & Stone and Neil Best of Magma Design Group, the group will build different style walls, and have a chance to create small stone structures such as a moongate, beehive cairns, and special viewing areas. With Julie’s guidance (and with the help of TMG Enterprises’ large excavator), participants will set large stones to create pathways, terraces, and dry waterfalls and streambeds.

Snow’s stone pyramid and sheep shelter set into a hillside. Photos: Peter Mauss.

For those of you who don’t know Dan Snow and his remarkable stonework, let me tell you a bit about him. (I’ve also written a profile of him in the July/August issue of Vermont Magazine that’s coming out shortly). Dan is a DSWA certified master craftsman and one of the nation’s premier stone artisans, as well as a true Vermont gentleman and a joy to spend time with. He’s tranquil, modest, and both a great listener and teacher with a wealth of experience instructing in the US and abroad. Also an accomplished author, Dan writes with economy and quiet passion. The epigraphs of the latest of his books, Listening to Stone (Artisan, 2008), describe Dan and his approach to stone:

Dan’s books and portrait. Photo: Dan Snow.

“Work is the key to creative growth of mind.” Eliel Saarinen

“When someone expends the least amount of motion on a given action, that’s grace.” Anton Chekhov, The Seagull

And that’s Dan, too. If you can’t come to the workshop to meet him for yourself, then read his blog and both of his books. He’s a poet, a philosopher, and an inspiration for those of us who care about stone.

Participants from the 2006 Vermont Stone Workshop hard at work. Photo: Steve Jonas.

And be sure to join us for the 2010 Vermont Stone Workshop, taking place from July 22-25 in Westminster, VT and sponsored in part by Trowel Trades Supply. Registration is still open and we’d love to have you with us!
We’re also offering $100 off workshop tuition to everyone, and extending some special additional discounts to blog and e-newsletter subscribers, facebook fans, and those who refer a friend. Visit the Workshop Registration page and use the codes below!

Maximum combined discount is $300.