Vermont Landscape for Plant-lovers

Labyrinthine paths wind in and out of richly planted spaces. Views cast over perennial borders and extend through the wildflower meadow, across a distant pond and beyond. Windows peer through ruin-esque walls to secret places that harbor hidden gardens and stories untold.

This Vermont landscape was already resplendent with the natural attributes when we arrived: woodland and wetland, field and view. Our goal was to introduce allegory and unite the place with a cohesive theme. We found inspiration in the lore of the Greek muses and grew the landscape from there.

The Garden of the Plumes is just one of the “rooms” of this multi-faceted landscape. Its design was motivated by stories of Melpomene, the Greek muse of tragedy, and her rivalrous relationship with the bird-like Sirens. The property owners had also indicated a desire to bring birds into this space. As the design evolved, a metaphorical representation of birds emerged. In addition to the inclusion of several sculptural stone bird baths, all of the plants in the Garden of the Plumes were chosen for their feather-like flowers and inflorescences.

JMMDS Project Manager: Erica Bowman

Landscape Contractor: Rugg Valley Landscaping


Bill Sumner
Susan Teare