Roliquery – Landscape Designs in the Sand by Amy Brier

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Amy Brier Roliquery - Products Prague
Prague Limestone Roliquery™ – Photo ©Amy Brier,

In 2006, JMMDS was asked to do a brainstorming session in Rockaway, Queens for the Rockaway Waterfront Alliance in Queens, NY. The site was located along a stretch of magnificent beachfront, next to an old bungalow community along a boardwalk. Working with several classes of children from a nearby school that morning and a stakeholder group that evening, we generated lots of great ideas. Among them was the idea of building a large sandbox garden for play.

Looking for images on the internet, I came across sculptor Amy Brier’s roliqueries. Check out her site-beautifully sculpted balls of varying sizes and materials that, when rolled in sand (on the ground or on sand tables) leave behind a pattern of snowflakes, spiders, koi, sea shells, oak leaves…or one of your own design. My favorite is Prague, with its five faces inspired by early 20th century carvings in Prague’s cathedrals (show image). Her idea to create “sculpture that makes sculpture” is a great one. I look forward to working with her in Rockaway someday perhaps, or whenever the right project comes along.

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