Southern Vermont Pond Renovation

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Video and photos by JMMDS

We recently shared some of the exciting institutional landscape designs we’re working on. Here’s a peek at a wonderful residential design project here in southern Vermont. Scroll down for the video!

The homeowners asked us to start by renovating a small pond on their property.

The "before" picture of the pond

The “before” picture of the pond

One of our first goals was to create access away from the edges of the pond, which is occupied by frogs, newts, and other critters. There was already a large rock in the water, so we filled in the area around it to make it accessible from the land, then added another rock on the end of the first stone to form a tiny harbor.

Rock harbor entryway

Rock harbor entryway

Next, we sculpted the land around the pond, creating more harbors and promontories, and added more stones.

Sculpting and rocks

Sculpting and rocks

We created a peninsula with a low swale for water overflow, stabilized with some stones. We also added a stone waterfall at the inlet.

Almost there!

Almost there!

After all of the sculpting was done, we added plants and trees: amelanchier in the back, maple on the left, plum on the upper left, and chionanthus on the right.

Plants and trees are added.

Plants and trees are added.

This fun little video shows the renovation in progress, with the skilled excavating assistance of TMG Enterprises, moving earth and stones.

JMMDS Southern Vermont pond renovation

And here’s the pond a few weeks later, with the addition of some young native perennial plants.

When the native plantings grow in, the pond's edge will be lush and inviting.

When the native plantings grow in, the pond’s edge will be lush and inviting.

Julie is never happier than when she gets to set large stones. Soon we’ll share more images and video from some other local projects, with stone-setting and the planting of some really huge trees!



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