Video: How to Use the HOD App

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Curious about our new Home Outside Design iPhone app? Watch this short video of Julie demonstrating various features of the HOD app!

Join Julie for a welcome tour of the HOD iPhone app. Video by Jennifer Silver. Mobile device users, please click here.

The app was created to give people a fun tool for exploring their creativity and making beautiful designs. We learned this week that people are using the HOD app in various ways:

  • An educator intends to use the app in a visioning workshop for public garden landscape planners to share their ideas.
  • A designer is using the app to try out possibilities and “place the pieces” in a residential landscape.
  • Children are creating endlessly inventive dreamscapes. (The design in the top right corner, below, is the joint creation of two 9-year-old girls, and the bottom right design is by a boy who titled it “SWAT Team Hideout.”)
  • Most important, people are having fun with it!

Here are just a few of the designs that we received this week from the app’s first users. Enjoy the possibilities!



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