The landscape design for this property in an established New York City suburb marries stately elegance with relaxed outdoor living. The greatest challenge of the site was a considerable grade change over a small area (a third of an acre). We replaced overgrown shrubs and crumbling stonework with a clean hardscape design that clearly defines the flow around the property. A long play lawn in front is linked to a sideyard patio space and natural-gas campfire with broad bluestone block steps. A cozy dining terrace behind the house is hugged by a retaining wall that showcases friendly flowering plants and edibles. Set into the terrace wall is a custom water feature that brings sound and movement to the seating area. Exposed ledge in the backyard provides a fun playspace for adventurous kids, with a rope bridge leading to a playhouse.


Susan Teare


Landscape Contractor: JMA Landscaping
Water Feature Consultant: Pond Creations by Sean