Native Plants: Taking the First Step

Native Plants: Taking the First Step

Posted by on Mar 25, 2011 in All, Design, New Homestead, People, Plants | 6 Comments

By Anna Johansen, JMMDS Following Julie’s jubilant call to action citing the teachings of Doug Tallamy to incorporate native plants in our landscapes, you may be wondering just how to take the next step. If so, read on! Two gorgeous native plants with different environmental requirements. L: Chelone lyonii (pink turtlehead) loves wet feet.  Photo: […]

Nightmare Plants: Garden Mistakes That Haunt Us

Posted by on Oct 29, 2010 in People, Plants | 4 Comments

by JMMDS Plotline: Innocent gardener falls for beautiful plant species, opens heart and yard to the seductive stranger. Soon the plant’s beauty takes on a sinister cast as it begins to threaten gardener’s home, family, sanity. Sound familiar? Read on for our staff’s picks of our own personal nemeses… Horseradish and its neverending roots. Photos: […]