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The Small Business Revolution is a year-long documentary/photojournalism project that tells the stories of 100 small businesses across the country throughout 2015. The project highlights small businesses that are “creating something more personal, more local, more meaningful for all of us.” JMMDS is proud and honored to have been chosen for this series.

SBR Julie Moir Messervy

A few months ago, award-winning photographer Christina Clusiau visited our studio in Saxtons River to document a day in the life of JMMDS. Although it was a bit of a dreary day, Julie took her to visit a local residential project, where daffodils were just coming up, as well as the Saxtons River Park site for which we had recently created a design.

Julie Moir Messervy and Jana Bryan observing the Saxtons River Park site from the Westminster West road bridge

Julie Moir Messervy and Jana Bryan observing the Saxtons River Park site from the Westminster West road bridge

In addition to describing how a tiny firm in Vermont creates special residential and large-scale landscape designs around the country and reaches out to the world with our landscape design app and online design service, the  story highlights one of the best things about working at JMMDS, a benefit cherished by those of us who work here and perhaps unknown to some outside our studio:

“As a female small-business owner, Messervy has a keen understanding of the struggle to balance work and life, especially as a mother. She employs four women in her Vermont studio and is happy to give them a flexible work environment so they can be there for their children when needed. ‘Work-life balance is very important,’ says Messervy. ‘I learned that from being a mom and working off my dining room table when my kids were little.'”

Please visit Small Business Revolution to read the whole story about JMMDS and see Christina’s photos. Take some time to browse the website and read about dozens of other inspiring small businesses that are making a difference. Follow SBR on Facebook to see wonderful stories and photos each week.

The Small Business Revolution is sponsored by Deluxe to celebrate its 100th anniversary.

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  • Judy says:

    Congratulations ladies! So very well deserved and rightfully earned! Enjoyed the article and pictures.

  • This story of the “artisan’s way” is a potent reminder of how working together in an energetic spirit of renewal offers a model for the future.

    I hope the film will be shown at the Carmel Film Festival (Carmel, California).

  • Barbara Van Raalte says:

    Did you have something to do with the Toronto waterfront and perhaps a special design honoring Yo Yo Ma? Please let me know. I’ve heard that something exciting will happen there.


  • Hi Barbara,
    Yes, Julie designed the Toronto Music Group in collaboration with Yo-Yo-Ma! We’re currently consulting on a sprucing up of the garden, too, so it will be looking even more beautiful soon. Thanks for your comment.