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An app user in nearby Northampton, MA, sent us this design with a request for some fresh ideas. Her eloquent plea: “I will be so excited if you take a look at my yard! And my 2 year old will thank you for easing her mama’s obsession!”

Design submitted by user of the Home Outside Palette app

How could we resist?

The Re-Design

Home Outside Palette app landscape design by JMMDS

Julie’s Design Notes

What a delightful design this is already! Without knowing much about the homeowner’s situation or her needs, I had fun playing. The Big Idea was inspired by the sets of stones at the corners (the user noted that these are small terraces); my design brings in more stones, and a number of small flowering trees or large shrubs. The stones and trees provide continuity through the garden, creating an in-and-out flow and carving little rooms out of the larger spaces. Each of these nooks and crannies in the garden can serve a purpose.

Some other additions:

– a firepit behind the beautiful curved hedge.

-I extended the play area into the side yard with a tree house and sand box. That two-year-old will have the most fun yard in the neighborhood as she gets older!

-a tiny stone terrace under the Adirondack chairs to make mowing easier.

-I extended the partial stepping stone path through the fence with a gate and trellis overhead, and the deck was expanded further into the yard and connected to the path.

-a drying yard (and a hammock to swing in after the laundry is hung).

This user had so many good elements to start with. I don’t know what her budget is or if she has access to good local stone, but I hope she likes these  ideas!

Designs created using the Home Outside Palette landscape design app for iPhone and iPad.

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  • Lindsay says:

    I’m the app user whose design this is. I can definitely use these ideas! I love the addition of more stone to carry the theme through the yard, the additional play spaces, and the firepit is the perfect logical and aesthetic addition to that corner space. I also love the suggestions for where to place new trees and shrubs. I know I want them, but am always hesitant to make the commitment to placing them! Very much looking forward to your next book, too. Thank you!